samedi 31 janvier 2009

Figures of the catholic resistance : The White Rose.

Today, historians revisionists think that the resistance against nazism in the WWII has been mainly led by communists or jews (those who survived, hidden in scrubs). In academic books, thesis often forget a great part of the national resistance. Guy Moquet or Jean Moulin are national figures of the anti nazi resistance and are now symbols of the Republican defense. The main problem resides in the fact that those symbols have an ideology, are involved in ''extremists'' politic parties. Moulin was communist and his identity grew dark when the cold war began. Indeed, it was unacceptable for a western democratic country to admit a communist leader. But in the early 90, even if the PCF ( french communist party) represented less than 5% of the national electorate, those communist-symbols of the Resistance came in the pantheon of the greatest personality of France. The Republic immortalized them...
But remember all the resistance actions led by teenagers, separated from the Kremlin propaganda. Remember all this young generation who destroyed bridges, who prevented supplies from arriving in front ligne, who gave informations to allies. Lots of them were catholics and History trends to forget them because of their religion.
The White Rose fought against nazism, but contrary to Jean Moulin, it was above all a spiritual fight, an anti- propaganda movement. Hans and Sophie Scholl were two Germans students of 24 and 21 years old, who decided in the beginning of the war to create this resistance group. They were directly victims of Hitler dictatorship because they lived and acted inside the Reich. So, they took more risks than those who acted outside the Reich and their merit was higher.
The two young catholics published six pamphlets in 1940 dealing with political philosophy. They criticize German culpability on the ''dictatorship of evil''. Finaly,the Reich sentenced to death and guillotined them in 1943.
We never know how Hans and Sophie' proud was to confront Himler propaganda. Their solid believe in God and their Spartan upbringing gave them enough forces to lead their fight.
So, now less than 70 years later, Scholl story is practically forgotten. No war memorial, no public ceremony are consacred for the two catholic resistants. Only some letters and notebooks are published (you can buy its in Tallandier edition).

Catholic fight is now weak. The dechristianisation process is not recent: it began in the 18 th century but the totalitarian regimes destroyed the Church. By the way, the word '' Resistance'' has lost his former meaning, that is to say the literary resistance, the ''resistance of words''. You can say whatever you would, but today, strikes (against governement for instance) don't replace this kind of resistance.

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