samedi 3 janvier 2009

a Catholic view about abortion.

For all the traditional roman catholic community, the message is absolutely clear about abortion: it is considered like a sort of crime in so far as Life begins with conception.

This is why, I' m a pro-life and I contest the debate in the Catholic Church.
My point is not to say why abortion is forbidden and liable to excomunication,( because a scrupulous reading of the Holy Bible is sufficient to understand that), but to perceive the issue from a laic and so impatial State about abortion.

This State (a western country) gathers almost 6 official religions without taking into account sects and other mystic, intellectual or Freemasonry movements. Moreover, moral convictions are shared, and Human Rights laud the individual freedom. That's nice no ? All communities can live togheter, everything is good for the State progress, and everybody say right...

So , some pro-choice claim the moral values as outdated, others, the feedom of each women to take an apropriate decision. If you don't have moral convictions, why not, and the laic State takes this side.

One the other hand, the state is face to anti-abortion, who defend an ethic, and justified viewpoints: Life is a precious thing, we cannot play with that... And then pro-life protest in the street against the abortion law.It's lawful, no?

Can the laic state find a balanced solution ?

I think that nowdays, it's impossible to come back to old values, establishment views because the western society is too pervaded by modern social movements started in the middle 60 s. So now we cannot ''roll back''. Most of the countries close the debate and anti-abortion become weak and without voice to protest against. Anti-abortion seem to be like some extremists who will finish to accept pro-choice principles.

So now,the debate is not at a State level ,but in the individual choice. Each woman has to take a heavily decision to abort, and it can stigmatize lots of them because it's a hard burden.

Abortion might be the nightmare of a life. Be careful !

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  1. Hi my friend, you asked me to come here and put a comment about abortion.
    All I would like to say is that I feel every women is entitled to their OWN choice.
    Please see the blog I did on this topic

  2. interesting..i don't know if i agree, but interesting never the less.
    good blog

  3. Interesting Blog you have -
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  4. i do believe abortion, at any trimester, is murder. when does life begin? no one knows. what if they get it wrong? if it is wrong, it is wrong in all cases.

    however, with partial birth abortions still being done in some places (please look it up, it is gruesome) it is hard to imagine this world 'rolling back ' if you will. we have fallen off the cliff in my view and we will be held accountable.


  5. I believe it's up to his or her own individual whether they want to keep the babies.