samedi 31 janvier 2009

Figures of the catholic resistance : The White Rose.

Today, historians revisionists think that the resistance against nazism in the WWII has been mainly led by communists or jews (those who survived, hidden in scrubs). In academic books, thesis often forget a great part of the national resistance. Guy Moquet or Jean Moulin are national figures of the anti nazi resistance and are now symbols of the Republican defense. The main problem resides in the fact that those symbols have an ideology, are involved in ''extremists'' politic parties. Moulin was communist and his identity grew dark when the cold war began. Indeed, it was unacceptable for a western democratic country to admit a communist leader. But in the early 90, even if the PCF ( french communist party) represented less than 5% of the national electorate, those communist-symbols of the Resistance came in the pantheon of the greatest personality of France. The Republic immortalized them...
But remember all the resistance actions led by teenagers, separated from the Kremlin propaganda. Remember all this young generation who destroyed bridges, who prevented supplies from arriving in front ligne, who gave informations to allies. Lots of them were catholics and History trends to forget them because of their religion.
The White Rose fought against nazism, but contrary to Jean Moulin, it was above all a spiritual fight, an anti- propaganda movement. Hans and Sophie Scholl were two Germans students of 24 and 21 years old, who decided in the beginning of the war to create this resistance group. They were directly victims of Hitler dictatorship because they lived and acted inside the Reich. So, they took more risks than those who acted outside the Reich and their merit was higher.
The two young catholics published six pamphlets in 1940 dealing with political philosophy. They criticize German culpability on the ''dictatorship of evil''. Finaly,the Reich sentenced to death and guillotined them in 1943.
We never know how Hans and Sophie' proud was to confront Himler propaganda. Their solid believe in God and their Spartan upbringing gave them enough forces to lead their fight.
So, now less than 70 years later, Scholl story is practically forgotten. No war memorial, no public ceremony are consacred for the two catholic resistants. Only some letters and notebooks are published (you can buy its in Tallandier edition).

Catholic fight is now weak. The dechristianisation process is not recent: it began in the 18 th century but the totalitarian regimes destroyed the Church. By the way, the word '' Resistance'' has lost his former meaning, that is to say the literary resistance, the ''resistance of words''. You can say whatever you would, but today, strikes (against governement for instance) don't replace this kind of resistance.

jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Death trumpet.

Conflict of ideologies . Jews polish between the two sides... PEOPLE NEVER UNDERSTAND human madness !

vendredi 23 janvier 2009

mardi 6 janvier 2009

Jefferson Airplane, le haut de la vague.

San Francisco, Haight-Ashbury, nous sommes le 12 novembre 1968.

Le groupe de rock psychedelique Jefferson Airplane se produit a la Matrix. 250 hippies attendent dans les antres infernales de la boite de nuit. Une frenesie s'installe, la demence meme : il est a peine 22 heures et les esprits sont deja atteind par le LSD. Les corps s'echauffent, des petits cris perceptibles se font entendre ca et la a travers une foule coloree. Stupeur ?
Non, ces cris sont ceux des ames egarees, loin, loin, loin...

Ces bruits laissent peu a peu la place a un son electrique, rythmique ou s'entremele de longues parades a la basse (Jack Casady) et les profondes melodies parfumees de la belle Grace Slick. Derriere, Jorma Kaukonen a la guitare envoie des eclairs tandis que Spencer Dryden (batterie) de ses poignets fugaces, donne une signification au tout.

Le ton est donne. La folie s'est invitee ... de concert; partout l'on voit des dealers qui distribuent leurs buvards et leurs ''smiles''. Des debris de poppers craquent sur le sol et sautillent telles de mini-sauterelles. De part et d'autre de la salle, des hommes habilles en vendeur de voitures d'occasion de Detroit negocient avec des bootleggers tout droit sortis de Chicago. Personne n'est assez lucide pour comprendre ce qui se passe ici, a cette heure.

L'une des caractéristiques de l'époque est l'incroyable capacité des gens à rester dans le moment présent, à croire en la providence et à chasser par une puissante force tout ce qui leur faisait obstacle. Et Jefferson Airplane représentait en particulier ce mouvement: celle d'une société hantée par un désir de revanche. 1968, c'est l'année de gloire de groupe, l'année qui l'emmenera à Woodstock, l'année de Crown of Creation quatrième album du groupe. 1968, c'est également le succès de Surrealistic Pillow avec White Rabbit et Somebody to love.

Le mouvement hippie s'identifiait incontestablement a l''Airplane'' parce que leur musique s'agrementait d'un combat pacifiste anti-Vietnam de fond, denoncant les rivalites politiques au sein du gouvernement americain. Bien souvent, a t-on pris les groupes du San Francisco sound pour des partisans de l'URSS dans un contexte, il est vrai, de tensions internationales extremement graves et de propagandes ''Mac Cartyste''. Jefferson Airplane etait a l'evidence victime de la chasse au sorciere, mais le groupe a su repondre a ces attaques par un patriotisme clairement manifeste. Le soutien apporte aux 320 000 boys engages dans la tourmente asiatique caracterise bien cette defense de la Nation americaine et de ses citoyens; mais je crois que c'est d'abord dans les symboles que ce patiotisme se manifestait. Alors que Jimi Hendrix interpretait a sa facon l'hymne americain dans Purple Haze a Woodstock en 1969, Country Joe Mac Donald, avec une veste de Marines, et un drapeau americain dans sa poche gauche chantait I Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag.

Jefferson Airplane apres 1968 a pris pleinement part a ce mouvement patriote avec leur album Volunteers sur un fond national. Loin des paillettes de la Matrix et de la folie des annees 1965, le moment etait venu a la fin de la decennie de donner un sens au mouvement hippie : avec une popularite incroyable, Grace Slick et ses gars se produisaient alors a Woodstock devant une foule de 500 000 energumenes toujours aussi dechaines qu'a leur debut.

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samedi 3 janvier 2009

a Catholic view about abortion.

For all the traditional roman catholic community, the message is absolutely clear about abortion: it is considered like a sort of crime in so far as Life begins with conception.

This is why, I' m a pro-life and I contest the debate in the Catholic Church.
My point is not to say why abortion is forbidden and liable to excomunication,( because a scrupulous reading of the Holy Bible is sufficient to understand that), but to perceive the issue from a laic and so impatial State about abortion.

This State (a western country) gathers almost 6 official religions without taking into account sects and other mystic, intellectual or Freemasonry movements. Moreover, moral convictions are shared, and Human Rights laud the individual freedom. That's nice no ? All communities can live togheter, everything is good for the State progress, and everybody say right...

So , some pro-choice claim the moral values as outdated, others, the feedom of each women to take an apropriate decision. If you don't have moral convictions, why not, and the laic State takes this side.

One the other hand, the state is face to anti-abortion, who defend an ethic, and justified viewpoints: Life is a precious thing, we cannot play with that... And then pro-life protest in the street against the abortion law.It's lawful, no?

Can the laic state find a balanced solution ?

I think that nowdays, it's impossible to come back to old values, establishment views because the western society is too pervaded by modern social movements started in the middle 60 s. So now we cannot ''roll back''. Most of the countries close the debate and anti-abortion become weak and without voice to protest against. Anti-abortion seem to be like some extremists who will finish to accept pro-choice principles.

So now,the debate is not at a State level ,but in the individual choice. Each woman has to take a heavily decision to abort, and it can stigmatize lots of them because it's a hard burden.

Abortion might be the nightmare of a life. Be careful !